Paratus have published over 30 Paratus Monographs, on a variety of subjects. These are available for publication. A selection of monographs are published on this website. These may be freely downloaded and copied, provided that the copyright of Paratus Defence Analysts and Consultants Limited is acknowledged. This is a list of the currently available Paratus Monographs:

  1. The Coastwatchers: Coastwatching in the Pacific in War and Peace
  2. Military Leadership or Civilian Management Models in the Military Culture
  3. Defending the Home and Hearth – A History of Home and Militia in the Twentieth Century
  4. The Guards: Ceremonial Guards of Honour, Protective Security Forces and Close Protection
  5. Civil Defence- An Appraisal  
  6. Coast Defences: The Coastal Fortifications of New Zealand 
  7. South African Air Security – SAAF Air Defence, SAAF Air Force Regiments, SAAF Police and SAAF Fire Service
  8. Counter-Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) : An Appraisal
  9. Special Operations Forces (SOF): An Appraisal
  10. Abandoned at Sea: The Sinking of the MV Oceanos
  11. Intelligence and Security Forces: An Appraisal
  12. A History and Appraisal of Coastwatching
  13. Those Who Ignore History are Doomed to Repeat It – Crimea 2014  parallels with Czechoslovakia 1939

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